The Truth Behind Hep C

There are many reasons people with chronic hepatitis C (Hep C) put off thinking about it. Explore a few common myths about Hep C and see why there’s never been a better time to rethink your Hep C.

If you think:

Hep C progresses slowly, so I’ve got time.”

The truth is:

While Hep C may progress slowly, the disease may be doing liver damage that may potentially lead to cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

Understand how Hep C progresses

If you think:

“I don’t have symptoms,
so I don’t really need to worry yet.”

The truth is:

Up to 75% of people with Hep C are unaware that their livers are slowly being damaged. So, even though you may not feel sick, your Hep C can be silently doing harm. The rate at which the damage may occur is different for everyone. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms appear, liver damage is often already advanced.

Learn about Hep C symptoms

If you think:

Hep C treatment is long and difficult.”

The truth is:

Before 2011, treatment for Hep C could last as long as a year, often with cure* rates of only 40–50%. Since that time, scientific advances have made treatment for Hep C shorter, more effective, and injection-free.

  • Treatment for Hep C may be shorter for most patients.
  • Hep C cure rates have significantly increased.

*Cure means the virus is not detected in the blood when measured 3 months after treatment is completed.

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